Allen Bach is a four-time World Champion Team Roper that has helped grow several top companies in the industry (including Cactus Ropes, Heel-O-Matic and others), and is constantly thinking of ways to improve the products we use every day.

about bach

So what is Smart Roping

Allen Bach is one of the few veterans who has been able to win year after year with a variety of different partners. Why? His ability to rope smart. Smart Roping is more than trying to be fast every time. Allen has spent years analyzing every situation, asking others for feedback and becoming an expert on all the variables that can affect your run. Recently, Allen decided to take his 30 years of teaching, explaining and analyzing to a new level with development of the Smart Roping System. He not only wants people to be able to rope like him, but also to think like him. You probably have a sneaking suspicion that your attitude is affecting your roping. Well, Allen constantly competes at a high level with the top ropers. If you want to do the same, while also improving every day, here’s your program. Smart Roping was designed to help team ropers in every aspect of their roping. Smart Roping wants to provide the tools and knowledge that will let team ropers reach their goals.

Smart Roping Method coming soon!

Who’s the real Allen Bach?

When Allen has time off, you’ll find him playing basketball with his sons or taking the family to the lake for a little waterskiing. Family is one of the most important things in life to Allen, who has two daughters and two sons with his wife of over 30 years, Peggy. Allen’s experience coaching, through raising his kids and conducting roping schools, has made him one of the most sought-after mentors in team roping for beginners and pros alike. On top of his knowledge, he just truly loves helping and inspiring people.