We couldn't be more pleased with our Smarty products! At Stillwaters Cowboy Church, in Carthage, Texas, we have one of everything Smarty makes, including the new Smarty Xtreme.

From ground work with the Shorty and Pipes for beginners, to working on horsemanship, heading, and heeling with the Smarty, and SmartyX, we have found these tools to be a great part of our program and our ministry. From beginners, to seasoned pros, everyone that has come to rope them at our arena has bragged about how valuable they are in progressing their roping.

We've even had round robins on them!

We highly recommend these durable products to anyone wanting to work on their roping and horsemanship. The people at Smarty are all good Christian folks that are always willing to help.

Thank you Smarty!

-Grant Stephenson- Carthage, Texas

Love it!! Great practice!!!! I had a chance to rope the smarty steer at the all girl roping clinic. The smarty will give you and your horse a safe and controlled practice. It definitely helps with putting your horse in the correct position every time and it also helped me with the timing of my swing and delivery!!! I have nothing but great things to say about the smarty steer and how amazing the smarty team is as well!! Thanks Smarty!!

-Kristina Watson- Coldspring, Texas

Hands down the best dummy on the market I have owned and or roped nearly every brand on the market and the smarty makes the most realistic corner and you can really get a good dally plus a really good family.

-Keith Dowdell, Cleveland, Texas

I picked up my Smarty this morning. Wade made it very easy and quick. It's the greatest tool I have ever used. It's the most realistic dummy I have ever roped. The head it just like roping a real steer and the corner is the most consistent to a real steer I have ever seen. Thanks for making a great tool.

-Robbie Kelly-Weatherford, Texas

I had not roped in the last 20 years and at 61, encouraged by my son, I decided to pick up a heel rope and start back. As you can imagine it was a slow process – until I met the Bach family. I knew of Allen for many years as a World Champion heeler but never met him. The first day that I spent time with Allen I came away with more knowledge about swinging my rope and delivery than I ever knew. Allen is very patient, kind and uplifting. Never intimidating. He worked extensively with me using his Smarty dummy. Which we now use every practice session before we rope and could not do without. Allen’s techniques and his ability to see every move in your swing and delivery, whether heading or heeling, allows a student to easily focus on the areas to change or improve. After working with Allen on several occasions on timing and horse position – I am very rarely out of position or out of time with the steer. The last USTRC I went to at 63 years old, before I tore my groin muscles, I made the short go in the 12 Gold Plus, 11, 10 Gold Plus and the 10 which Allen helped to make it possible. When you rope with Allen you not only get the expert attention of Allen to improve your roping but you get the entire family’s help. Peggy is one of the best headers I have roped behind to work on position and timing. The two best heel horses I have came from Allen, Ricochet and Mercedes. I can’t wait to get Allen’s new dummy the Smarty Xtreme. Not only is Allen one of the best team roping teachers I have ever been associated with he also inspired me to live with this bible verse as he does -Trust in God with all thine heart, lean not on thine own understanding, acknowledge him in all that you do and he will guide thine paths. Allen Bach is a Great Man, a World Champion Roper and more so a World Champion Christian. I am blessed to have met and roped with Allen.

-Jim Donnan