If you’d had a camera out back during all 30 of Allen’s NFRs, you’d have seen him roping a sawhorse. He feels it’s simply the best tune-up heeling tool out there.

Allen originally built “The Smart Pipes” to help him demonstrate technique at a roping camp. He didn’t make it home with the contraption because someone wanted it so badly, and he didn’t come home with the next one or the next one.
The Pipes are now available to the public. They’re more durable than wood, with realistic legs that are color-coded by target and can be adjusted to different heights. Plus, the Pipes weigh just 40 pounds and can go in the back of the truck with you.
The best thing about The Pipes is that the height allows you to swing over its “back” like you would a real steer. If it’s good enough for Allen Bach, you might give it a try.