Colton Williamson

Colton Williamson

About Colton Williamson  |  Smarty Young Pro

Age: 12

Hometown: Roosevelt, Texas

Hobbies outside of rodeo: Hunting, Fishing, archery and working cattle on the ranch. My favorite thing to do on the ranch is roping and dragging calves in the Spring.

Rodeo Events: Team Roping (Heeler), Calf Roping, Breakaway, Ribbon Roping, Chute Dogging, Boys Goat Tying, Light Rifle Shooting

Favorite Quote: "Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyways." - John Wayne

Who is your role model? My dad Cliff Williamson and Trevor Brazile.

My dad is my role model because he ropes (heels) really good and is a good horseman. He is a great teacher and helps me every day with my horsemanship and perfecting my fundamentals in roping. He supports me win or lose and helps me figure out what I need to do to get better. He is quiet and kind and always willing to help others especially with their roping.

Trevor is also my role model not only because he is a great roper and a legend but because he is kind, he is mentally tough, humble and always encouraging to everyone.

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